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Become a client

Become a Client

"I’m tired.”
“I’m tired of this lifestyle.”
“I’m tired of being hurt by the people in my life”
“I’m tired of feeling so alone.”
“I’m tired of being overwhelmed by everything.”
“I’m tired of going in circles.”
“I’m tired of just surviving – I want to start living.”
“I want to stop drinking/using, but can’t do it on my own.”
“I don’t want to die this way.”
“I want to have more control: of myself and in my life.”
“I want to get healthy: mind, body & spirit.”
“I want my child(ren) back.”
“I want my life back.”
“I want myself back.”
“I’m ready to do whatever it takes.”
“I’m ready to overcome my addiction.”


You are a survivor!
You are looking for a way to quit for good.
You want help from people who get it and will not judge you.
You want support, but do not want to be patronized or just medicated.
You want a safe place to be, and enough time to really figure things out.
You want to make changes that will last.
You know you can do it all with the right kind of help.
If any of these words are your truth, then our programs could be for you.

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